Face Fit Testing Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer Face Fit Testing

The Face Fit Testing Train the Trainer course will help trainers to develop an understanding of how to use a face fit mask and test employees correctly, inspect and record your findings and the hazards and the risks associated when wearing a mask incorrectly.

Trainees will also be equipped with a range of teaching methods and trainer skills that will enhance your abilities as a competent person when teaching as an instructor.

Upon completion of the training, the learner will be be competent to test employees and others on the correct procedure of wearing a mask in the workplace.

Course Aims and Objectives
To train candidates in the skills and provide knowledge where required on how to use and inspect masks.
How to select the correct type of mask and associated PPE if required.

Course Content part (1) Train the Trainer

Fundamentals for becoming a trainer
How to write and structure the testing procedure
Factors on developing your training skills
Effective training practices within the workplace

Course Content part (2) Face Fit Testing

Appreciation of the requirements of legislation
Guidance on using RPE
Inspection and record keeping
CE marking
Practical demonstration of competence on the testing of face masks on others

4 hours – all though if testing of other employees on site is required the testing may take longer.
3 years, this train the trainer course is accredited through CPD (Continuous professional development)
By the end of the face fit train the trainer training course delegates will have learned the skills necessary to test and inspect others on the safe fitting procedures of RPE.
We can deliver the face fit testing training course at anyone of our partner training locations in the UK.

If you would like this training course onsite, please contact us for more information.

Face Fit Testing
Face Fit Test
Face Fit Test
Face Fit Train the Trainer