Fall arrest-Fall restraint training course

The training provided covers all aspects of fall arrest and fall restraint safety measures for working at height. 


There are three categories of work
Careful consideration must be given to ensure that the safest solution is chosen when working at height.
There is an hierarchy of measures, avoid working at height where possible. Fall restraint must have priority over work positioning, then fall arrest.

Work Restraint
This category of work covers techniques that help to restrict the worker from falling over the edge.

Work Position
The lanyard used in this category is designed to suspend the worker in their work position. Remember it is advised when using this type of lanyard that you have a back up system in place.

Fall Arrest
This category is the only one that actually allows a fall to take place. What happens next is that the fall arrest reacts by arresting the fall in a controlled manner. The most important factor is to make sure that when using fall arrest that you have adequate clearance and there are no obstacles during a fall.

Course aims and objectives

Provide information on the latest legislation 

Identify the hazards and risk when using your fall arrest

Train candidates on the understanding of fall arrest and restraint lanyards

Course Content AM Session

  • Introduction to height safety 
  • Legislation
  • Collective measures and there importance
  • Individual measures of safety for the user
  • Fall restraint (what are the benefits)
  • Work Positioning lanyard type
  • Fall arrest and their purpose
  • Inertia blocks correct use and inspection
  • What are the Hazards of incorrect use 
  • Risk analysis of your environment

Course Content PM Session

  • Practical use of equipment
  • Inspection of your equipment before use
  • Candidate participation on the use of fall arrest and restraint measures of safety

The fall arrest training course is a mix of theory with a practical application.

Duration: 6 hours

Certification: Accredited through Apple Group which can be used as evidence towards CPD (Continuous professional development) 

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