Hand-Arm Vibration Training Course

This course is ideal for managers and supervisors, in fact, anyone who has the responsibility of the use of hand-held power tools. Hand-arm vibration comes from the use of hand-held power tools and is the cause of significant ill health, painful, debilitating and disorders which effects the blood vessels, nerves and joints.
Under the management at work regulations, which were introduced in 1999, any company who employs more than 5 employees must have a written hazard analysis and risk assessment documentation in their place of work, all power tools must be safe to use and suitable for the task.

Course Aims and Objectives

The aims of this training course is to provide learners with a certificate of competence.
  • Accurately record details when writing a risk assessment when using hand-held power tools
  • Determine, when a risk management system needs to be put in place
  • Course Content

    • Appreciation of the requirements of current legislation
    • How to draw up a policy on the use of hand held power tools
    • Evaluate the core elements and the principles of power tools in the workplace
    • How to identify a hazard when use of a hand held power tool is required
    • What is the risk of harm
    • What existing controls do you currently have in place
    • Collective measures of safety
    • Individual measures of safety
    • How to write up a risk assessment on the use of hand held power tools
    • Practical assessment with class participation
    Additional Information:
    Candidates will be expected to participate in a number of group activities.
    one day
    Certified 3 years through Apple Group, this evidence can be used as continuous professional development within your industry.
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