Harness Training Course

Safe use and Inspection of a safety harness
This harness training course is specifically designed to provide candidates and those with the responsibility of wearing a harness on site, an understanding and appreciation of the importance of safe use and inspection of a safety harness.

The training session will include; the requirement to perform a pre-use safety inspection of the safety harness, the faults that may be identified, which type of harness are appropriate for use when working at height dependant on your job description.

Candidates will have to participate in a full practical application and demonstrate how to wear a harness, the importance of correct anchorage when using fall arrest and fall restraint lanyards.

Course Aims & Objectives

  • Assess and determine when it’s appropriate to use a safety harness
  • Visually inspect harness and lanyards for damage before and after use
  • Legislation and regulations affecting safety harness and associated PPE
  • Product standards and classifications
  • Hazards and risk affecting the use of a safety harness

Course Content

  • Appreciation of the requirements of legislation
  • Guidance on when safety harness need to be worn
  • CE marking
  • Trace-ability
  • Work restraint-fall arrest (do you know the difference)
  • Equipment strengths
  • Safety harness types (what is the difference)
  • Lanyards, fall arrest, fall restraint
  • Pre-use equipment checks
  • Rescue provision
  • Fitting and inspection
  • Practical demonstration of competence by the course candidates
Half day.
This course is accredited through CPD (Continuous professional development).

We can provide the half day Harness awareness and Inspection training course for a fixed rate of £450.00 plus vat up to 14 candidates (£32.14 per person) all prices are plus vat.

You may combine the Harness awareness and Inspection training course with any other of our half day courses together on a day rate of £600.00 plus vat, again up to 14 candidates equivalent to (£21.42 per person per course) plus vat.

Train the trainer course; £600.00 plus vat.

We also offer courses for one, two or three candidates, no matter what the class size, for more information on cost, please contact us for a quotation.