Ladder Safety in the workplace

Working safely during the coronavirus outbreak

Apple Group Training are specialists in height safety, when using steps or ladders.

Steps and Ladder Training

The ladder and step ladder training course is for those who require knowledge and understanding on the safe use of ladders and step ladders with theory and practical application.

Ladder Training Level 1 and 2

This training course is for those who are required to maintain 3 points of contact when using a fall arrest harness and lanyard to arrest a fall.

Ladder and Roof Ladder Training Level 3

This training course is for industries that require their employees to work safely at height on ladders and roof ladders using a fall arrest system which allows the worker to transfer from one ladder to another safely maintaining three points of contact always. CAI approved.

Steps and Ladder Inspection Training

This course has been designed for managers, supervisors and those whose work involves the inspection and record keeping of your ladders at work.

This course has been designed to teach those with the responsibility of inspection, access, egress and maintenance of a fixed ladder.