Power Tools & Machinery Training

Power Tools/Machinery 

The aims of this power tool/machinery training course are to train candidates on the users’ skills, knowledge and to achieve a level of competency on the safe use of their machinery and power tools.

During the training course the trainer will assess operatives on their daily activities when using power tools, or machinery, this will provide the trainer with an insight into the operatives’ ability and competency to operate power tools and machinery in such conditions.

Course aims and Objectives

  • Introduction to the relevant legislation.
  • Planning why is this important under the HSE guidelines.
  • How to implement a safe system of work under the management of health and safety at work regulations.
  • To identify the hazards and the risk when using a power tools and take control which will show a level of competency.

Course Content

  • Course Introduction (Previous use experience and knowledge on the use of your equipment)
  • PUWER (Provision and use of work equipment regulations) 
  • MHSWR (Management of health and safety at work regulations)
  • Collective and Individual safety controls, what does this mean?
  • Power tool machinery manufacture types
  • Inspection of your your power tool before use
  • Maintenance service records
  • Identification of the components parts of your power tool machinery
  • PPE (Personnel protective equipment regulations)  
  • General use and the safety precautions that must be followed
  • How to identify the hazards and the dangers whilst using power tools/machinery in the workplace.
  • Risk management, who will be affected by the user operating procedures.
  • Control measures, collective and individual, what is the difference.
  • The importance of selecting the correct equipment to complete the task.
  • Inspection, care and maintenance of your work equipment.
  • Personal safety to yourself and others in the working environment.
  • Storage and lockdown procedures of your power tools and machinery.
  • Practical participation of your power tools or machinery at work.

Operatives will be required to participate in the full use of their equipment under supervision.

Please note if you do not see any of the tools listed in your workplace then contact us as our instructors can deliver a training course that is bespoke to your requirements.

Training requirements: The training environment must be safe for all users of power tools or machinery on site.

Duration: 7 hours

Certification: This course is accredited through the CPD standards office under the heading safe use of power tools.

The certification may be used as evidence of (Continuous professional development)

Benefits: By the end of the safe use of power tools training course delegates will have learned the skills necessary to use their power tools/ machinery safely.

Course location: Apple Group Training, locations are based in Leeds, Rotherham and Birmingham. We also have the use of up to 300 partner training centres in the UK.

If you can not travel to one of our locations then as long as your workplace is suitable, we can provide training onsite to suit.

We can not list every power tool or machine type that Apple Group Training cover, so please contact us with your training requirements.

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