PPE Inspection Training

PPE Inspection Course

This course is for those who have the responsibility of inspection and record keeping of your Personal Protection Equipment.

You must inspect your PPE before use, recorded inspections are based on your risk assessment which will determine how often you complete a written record of inspection.

PPE, covers all work equipment in the workplace, helmets, gloves, footwear, personnel fall protection, in fact anything that is used as a last resort to protect the user.

Course aims and objectives

  • To provide delegates with an appreciation of the requirements of the relevant legislation
  • Understand the need and requirements to carry out inspection of your PPE
  • The importance of the correct recording and audit procedures of your PPE

Course content

  • Course Introduction (Previous use experience and knowledge )
  • MHSWR (Management of health and safety at work regulations)
  • Collective and Individual safety control requirements when Inspecting PPE on site
  • PPE manufacture types
  • Inspection of your your PPE before use
  • Maintenance records of your PPE
  • Identification of the components parts of selected PPE
  • PPE (Personnel protective equipment regulations)  
  • General use and the safety precautions that must be followed when fitting and use of your personal protective equipment
  • Who is responsible
  • How often should we inspect our PPE
  • How often should we record our findings(Dependent on your risk assessment)
  • BSEN standards and testing
  • Markings of your fall protection equipment
  • Procedures to be followed when disposing of faulty PPE 
  • Manufacturing guidelines
  • Practical assessment on inspection
  • Recording procedures and documentation

This course is a mix of theory and practical with full participation by the course candidates.

Duration: 6 hours

Course location: Apple Group Training, locations are based in Leeds, Rotherham and Birmingham. We also have the use of up to 300 partner training centres in the UK.

If you can not travel to one of our locations then as long as your workplace is suitable, we can provide training onsite to suit.

Certification:  Accredited through Apple Group Training, you may use this certificate as evidence towards continuous professional development

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