Rescue from height and Evacuation training course

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The training provided on the rescue  at height and evacuation course is taught by experienced instructors with full knowledge and expertise of  the height industry in accordance with the BS 8454 and BS 8437

Under the work at height regulations 2005, provisions for rescue must be in place whenever you work at height.

This rescue and evacuation training course is ideal for anyone who works at height where there is a risk of falling from, or falling over the edge.

Course Objectives

The rescue at height and evacuation training course will provide delegates with the knowledge of height safety and rescue and the skills to be able to rescue a person suspended or incapacitated at height.

The training provided by our instructors will enable the operative to use the height rescue kit in a variety of locations.

The height safety rescue kit that Apple Group Training provide is capable of recovering an operative whilst suspended from a fall arrest lanyard, fall arrest block, or a rope line fall arrester.

During the training course the trainer will train operatives to carry out activities at height, this will provide an insight into the operatives’ ability to operate in such conditions.

This is only an indication of the operative capability, as it is not possible to recreate an exact working environment.

Course Syllabus Theory

  • Introduction to the relevant legislation
  • Planning for work at height
  • Identify a safe access and egress, and system of work at height for a rescue
  • Hazards and dangers whilst carrying out a rescue at height
  • The importance of a anchor point selection
  • The importance of inspection, care and maintenance of rescue equipment
  • The implications of being suspended in a harness and the importance of rescue provision when working at height.
  • Have a basic understanding of the different approaches to rescue and how the rescue kit fits into a hierarchy of options, example planning and the emergency services responsibility.
  • The importance of personal safety whilst carrying out rescue.
  • Post rescue care and handover to a competent first aider or the emergency services.
  • Identification of the components for the rescue kit the strengths and limitations when using a height safety rescue kit.
  • Ability to assess the situation and select the appropriate safe method of height safety recovery techniques.

Practical Element

This part of the course will demonstrate to the operative  the following procedures when using the equipment as below. The operative will be required to participate in the full use of the equipment.

  • How to donn a safety harness correctly
  • Single fall arrest lanyards use and inspection
  • Fall arrest blocks
  • Select, pre-use inspect, set up and use a rescue system that is suitable for the task
  • Management of a casualty
  • Deployment of the rescue kit from a position of safety and attachment to a casualty.
  • Rescue a casualty suspended following a fall
  • Rescue a casualty who is incapacitated at height from sudden sickness or injury
  • Use of the rescue kit to lower a casualty to the ground.

Full day
3 years, this course is accredited through Apple Group Training and can be used towards your CPD as evidence of (Continuous professional development)
By the end of the rescue at height and evacuation training course delegates will have learned the skills necessary to rescue a person at height.
Apple Group Training Centre in Leeds West Yorkshire

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