Ladder Level 1 Safety Kit

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Apple Group ladder level 1 safety kit, allows the user to maintain a third point of contact which gives the engineer 2 hands free when working at height off their ladder.

Apple Group Ladder Level one Safety Kit

The Apple Group ladder level 1 safety kit, provides the user to maintain a third point of contact once you have reached your work station.

Kit content
1 x Full body 2-point safety harness (Ridgegear)
1 x cows-tail (lanyard) Restraint use only
2 x re-usable ladder ties
2 x screw eye with fixings
2 x 5 mtr ratchet strap
2 x Purple webbing slings
1 x Helmet free

The level 1 safety kit harness and webbing comes with a manufactures 10 year lifespan on the webbing. The webbing is water repellent,

Please note that when using this kit on your ladder, you must have received training, your ladder must be stable at the bottom and the top.

Level (1) Work at height procedures when using a ladder or small universal ladder.

(1) Risk assessment, this must be completed by law, you must identify all potential hazards and the risks, followed by your safe working procedures to reduce the hazard to the lowest possible form of risk.

(2) Collective measures, cones, hazard tape, warning signs, second person may be required, but you must create a safe working zone to warn others that you are working at height.

(3) Make sure the ladders are stable using the appropriate stabilisation devices. Secure, top and bottom, tie the ladder into the wall, make sure the ladder is at the correct angle.

(4) Use of additional PFPE (personal fall protection equipment}, harness, hard hat with chin strap, and ladder restraint lanyard with karabiner and scaffold hook, (cows’ tail).

(5) If you can safely attach tools, drill, work equipment to yourself, and you do not exceed the maximum load on the leaning ladder, you can climb the ladder with both hands and feet maintaining 3 points of contact always. When you reach your workstation, attach your ladder restraint lanyard to the ladder as high and tight as possible, this way if you fall, your fall factor should be zero.

For more information on the training on the safe use of ladders or the use of your ladder safety kit call us on 0113 2573222.

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