Microlite The Original Ladder Standoff

£139.95 £95.00 + vat

This microlite ladder stand off is the best of its class, the microlite will  help to reduce the risk of sideways movement when working at height off a leaning ladder.

The microlite

The microlite ladder stand-off allows the user to work at height when using ladders safely, reducing the risk of sideways movement.

Apple Group Training have used this product for many years in all of our ladder safety training courses and we would back this 100%, do not be fooled by using a cheaper copy of this product. The difference in quality is based on the thickness of the rubber on the square wheel.

The microlite ladder stabalisation device is far more superior than most other ladder standoffs as the wheels squash flat when any load is put on the ladder.


  • Wheels squash flat against the surface
  • Lightweight
  • Quick fitting, a few seconds to position two spring clips
  • Fits aluminium, glass fibre and timber ladders including the new standard of ladders EN131 Professional
  • Single one piece design.
  • Designed to suit all applications without minimum adjustment
  • Safe roof access, which allows the user
  • The standoff can be rested on pitched or flat roofs allowing easy access
  • Bypassing flimsy, slippery gutters (High Risk)
  • Essential for safe ladder access
  • Allows the user to have a higher reach and safer hand hold.
  • Wider than the widest section of your ladder, which give a better stabalisation
  • Absolutely no limit, with only two adjustment required when setting up
  • Free Delivery

This product allows the user to work off a ladder against any suitable structure, pitched roof or fa flat roof surface reducing the risk of the ladder moving sidewards.