Restraint Lanyard (Adjustable) 2 mtr

£21.95 + vat

The restraint adjustable lanyard is used in a variety of situations in the height industry. The rope comes with a 10 year lifespan as per manufacture instructions.

Restraint Adjustable Rope Lanyard 

This adjustable lanyard is made from polyamide kermantle rope, one end is complete with a plastic thimble eye.

The lanyard comes complete with the adjusting buckle which allows the user to change the length of the lanyard, therefore reducing the risk of a fall.

Remember you must be trained on its use, and have a rescue plan in the event of a fall.

This lanyard is ideal for workers who need to be prevented from falling over the edge of any structure.

Product Dimensions

Rope type: Kermantle
Rope diameter: 12mm
Maximum user weight: 100kg
Conforms to EN354 CE standards.

Screw Lock Karabiner x 2

This restraint lanyard  must only be used where a worker is not at risk of falling over an unprotected edge
Lifespan of 10 years from the date of manufacture.

This is irrespective of shelf life/working life, subject to correct usage, storage and thorough examination by a competent person.


Additional information

Weight0.36 kg
Dimensions1 mm