RidgeGear Scaffolders Harness Kit

£114.38 £69.81 + vat

The RidgeGear harness and fall arrest lanyard has been specifically designed for scaffolders.

Apple Group Training based in Leeds West Yorkshire are one of the main distributors for RidgeGear products .

RidgeGear who are based in the UK  are responsible for the design and manufacture of the fall arrest system.

The RidgeGear fall arrest harness features front and rear attachment anchor points with rip stitch indicators.

The fittings on this fall arrest harness are made from high strength tensile steel alloy as well as the webbing been water repellent.

Because RidgeGear harness and fall arrest systems are manufactured to the highest quality we can guarantee that the user will benefit from the ease of use and fitting which makes the harness more comfortable.

Other benefits for the user are the fall arrest harness includes leather strips on the shoulders, which make it very easy for the user to hold scaffolding tubes.

The Fall Arrest Kit Content:

  • RidgeGear full body harness (RGH2)
  • Shock absorbing lanyard (RGL1 1.8m)
  • Scaffold clip
  • Karabiner

For more information on training of this please contact Apple Group.

Remember the scaffolding fall arrest kit is not just designed for work on scaffolding.

The fall arrest kit can also be used for other height applications.