Roof-ladder, ladder-level-3-working-at-height-safety-kit

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Roof ladder – ladder level 3 work at height safety kit is ideal for all industries that require the employee, self employed and contractor to maintain 3 points of contact from the bottom of the ladder to the top of the ridge.

Roof Ladder – Ladder Level 3 Working at Height Safety Kit

Supplied by Apple Group, the Apple Group roof ladder, ladder level 3  safety kit is ideal for those who need to maintain three points of contact whilst allowing two hands free when working at height. Industries we supply are Housing associations Gas, Aerial, Satellite, Maintenance, Plumbers, in fact all industries that work at height off a leaning ladder or roof ladder as your place of work.

Kit Content
1 x Ridgegear 2 point safety harness
1 x Restraint short lanyard, scaffold hook & karabiner (3rd point of contact, Fall restraint use only)
1 x Rope grab (fall arrest) karabiner
4 x Steel screw eye
2 x Ladder wall tie 16 ml
4 x Webbing sling slings (2 x purple – 2 x blue)
2 x Rope lifelines, 10 mtr, (with karabiners)
2 x 5 mtr Ratchet Strap
2 x 1 mtr Ratchet Strap
1 x Climbing helmet with 2 – point chin strap

This equipment is intended to be used by persons trained in its co-application and use.

The Apple Group Roof Ladder – Ladder Level 3 Work at Height Safety Equipment has been designed to achieve safe access onto a leaning ladder and roof ladder. The additional rope, also allows the user to access a pitched roof maintaining 3 points of contact at all times.

The Apple Group level 3 roof ladder, ladder system follows the same principal of the Tetra kit (secure ladder to wall, secure operative to ladder) with the added ability to secure the roof ladder to the access ladder and safely transfer from the leaning ladder onto the roof ladder maintaining three points of contact at all times,.

For more information on training and technical advice contact Apple Group on 0113 2573222


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