Train the Trainer

Apple Group are specialists on this subject, we have been training trainers for many years, with a 100% feedback, all of our subject trainers have extensive knowledge.

Dependant on the learners previous knowledge the train the trainer course can be delivered from 1-3 days.

Cost: is based between £600.00 + vat for the first day then discounted if 2 -3 days training is required. Apple Group also offer group discount from as little as £349.00 plus vat per learner dependant on how many candidates require the training course.

The training will cover as an example, based on the learners experience in the their chosen field of expertise, say harness awareness use and inspection would generally take half a day, which will then be followed up with train the trainer techniques on delivery on the course subject, based on the qualities of the learner knowledge on previous use of a harness.

Apple Group Train the Trainer will provide the following as part of the course.

  • All of the latest and relevant HSE documentation.
  • Power-point presentation on core subject.
  • Course manual.
  • Question and answer forms.
  • Videos.
  • Certificate template.
  • Train the trainer power-point.
  • Tool box talk documentation if required.