Height Safety in the workplace

Welcome, we are specialist in height safety in the workplace and to make this easier Apple Group Training have broken down the training courses into categories which explain the different types of access equipment used and required for working at height.
All you need to do is click on the links below on your chosen subject and you will be directed to the correct page.

Ladder and Roof Ladder Training

The ladder and roof ladder training course is ideal for any industry which has a requirement to  work at height off general ladders and roof ladders. The course is a full day which covers theory and practical application. Candidates will participate in climbing the ladders at height with full use of personnel fall protection. For more information on course details click on the link above.

Ladder and Step Ladder Training

The ladder and step ladder training course is split into two training sessions. The AM part of the course is for those who require knowledge and understanding on the use of ladders and step ladders with theory and practical application.
The PM training session is also a mix of theory and practical application with full participation of the class on the use of a harness and fall restraint arrest  when working at height off a leaning ladder.
The good news is that if you only require the AM session then you will only pay for the morning session. If you require the afternoon traininf session then you must complete the full days training. For more information on course details click on the link above.